"You are precious, just the way you are"

Nature devoted to nature

What makes aroma garden cosmetics so unique is its high dosage of essential oils. “We believe in the healing power of these precious oils.” Thus Company founder Florent Raimond developed two cosmetic lines the Divine and Gold Series to give you and your skin what it needs to preserve its full life.

Since centuries essential oils have been known as the soul of plants and flowers, precisely these attributes are to be found in our products. Out of conviction, we only use the highest quality oils in our cosmetics to ensure you the best that nature has to offer.

“Nature devoted to Nature” is Florent Raimonds philosophy as founder of aroma garden. His journey began with a personal passion for essential oils. “Nature gives the flower everything it needs to safeguard its beauty against wind and hard weather conditions. It became clear to me that these precious oils provide the flowers their magnificent appearance and I wanted these characteristics to be the core benefit of our products“, says Florent.

From day one the healing power of essential oils, as well as their charming scents were at the centre of Florent Raimonds research. He set out working eagerly with his team to develop the ideal natural cosmetic lines. Adding precious minerals such as hyaluronic acid, 24 carat Gold and many more they were able to create cosmetics that help all skin types regain their natural beauty. “In my view, every woman is precious and uniquely beautiful, just the way she is and I want to help her preserve that.”

The Divine Series

“Natural and effective”- the Divine facial care series stands out through a unique mixture of 15 essential oils.

The cell regeneration is activated and the skin’s equilibrium restored. Valuable nutrients such as immortelle oil, Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid provide moisture. These products give your skin a silky, vibrant complexion.

The Gold Series

“Precious, effective and natural” – is the special feature of the Gold Series. This range of products was developed for demanding skin. The 24-carat gold micro-particles penetrate deep into the skin and activate the production of collagen. For centuries, gold has been known for its healing and antioxidant effect. It promotes the renewal of the skin cells, smoothens and harmonises. The unique formula of pure gold, myrrh oil and elemi oil produces an anti-ageing effect and helps you look younger and radiant.

Nature bestows us its heart

aroma garden is a family business and stands for sustainability. Our products are based purely on natural and organic ingredients, and are free of PEG, silicone and parabens. We dispense with artificial products and use purely natural preservatives, at all cost.

Based on our family values we consider it our duty to protect nature and mankind. For this reason, our products are guaranteed 100% vegan, free from animal tests and cancer-causing substances. Even the packaging of our products satisfies our ethical principles.

This is our Commitment to you

Certified natural cosmetics - trust based on organic raw materials

Natural cosmetics are a wonderful thing – for you, your skin and your environment. Not only do they have to satisfy the high aspirations of our customers in their daily dealings with the products, they must also be manufactured sparingly in harmony with nature and the environment. The marketing of a new product is frequently preceded by years of intense research work. We at aroma garden do everything to ensure that you and the environment are satisfied all round with our products. It is for this reason that we have our products tested by an independent organisation. We check whether natural ingredients have actually been used in production, whether the raw materials have been grown organically and, of course, whether the development of the cosmetics has involved animal tests. In addition, we are very proud of the fact that our products are tested to the strictest dermatological standards.

The healing power of nature rediscovered

The effect of our products is based on the special attributes of the various essential and vegetable oils. Our unique mixtures supply the skin with moisture, smooth and strengthen it. The nutrients of the natural essences ensure suppleness and elasticity. Essential oils promote the natural regeneration of the skin by activating cell division. This stimulates the production of elastin.

On top of this is the antioxidant effect of the essential oils that protect the skin against free radicals. Our products restore the equilibrium of the skin. Consequently, our cosmetics are suitable for all skin types. The result is impressive: a radiant complexion and a younger appearance. With aroma garden you will rediscover the healing power of nature.

Preservatives without parabens

We do not use artificial preservatives such as formaldehyde or parabens. These two substances ensure a long shelf-life and are still used in cosmetics; however, they can irritate mucous membranes and cause cancer. Even the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) does not consider the general use of parabens in cosmetic applications to be sensible. At aroma garden the essential oils are also used as preservatives, as they possess these attributes. As a result, our natural products have a shelf-life of 18 months.

aroma garden is vegan and against animal tests

Neither our cosmetics nor their ingredients have been tested on animals. Not even through third parties or abroad. Under the EU’s current Cosmetics Directive, the testing of cosmetic products or their ingredients on animals is no longer permitted. We therefore take pleasure in being able to guarantee that aroma garden natural cosmetics are absolutely free of animal tests and vegan.

Transparency regarding ingredients

For aroma garden, your rights as consumers also include transparency regarding the ingredients. This means that there is nothing to hide as regards the constituents of the recipe. Quite the opposite; we wish to demonstrate what wonderful natural raw materials are used. The raw materials are examined for quality and origin in close cooperation with a German manufacturer who works to strict European guidelines - because cosmetics from natural raw materials offer the skin optimum care and beautification. High-quality ingredients such as vegetable oils and essential oils are an element of wonderfully compatible cosmetics that make every skin look unique. Click here to access the overview of all ingredients.

Natural care rediscovered

The means of beauty are no secret and have been known since the earliest days of history. Even Cleopatra understood the effectiveness of the substances from natural resources such as gold. Even then, everybody longed for a younger appearance. Today, in the modern age, we are again drawing on the in part long-forgotten treasures of nature, and are offering our mind and soul the gift of natural and anti-ageing products - because cosmetics from the best natural raw materials offer the skin optimum care and beautification.

Environmentally friendly natural cosmetics

Love of nature automatically also results in respectful treatment of our surroundings and in environmental protection. Everybody can contribute towards this. Our contribution is small, but not to be underestimated: we have opted for simple concepts and short distances. We produce locally in Germany and use regional organic products wherever possible. Our packaging can be recycled. In addition, no animal tests are carried out in connection with the manufacture of our cosmetics. These tests are unnecessary, as we use only natural products. It goes without saying that we are also vegan.

Online shop for natural cosmetics, dispatched from Germany

Customer satisfaction is very important to us. Consequently, orders are processed quickly. In this respect, a sustainable concept is very important to us and we dispense with unnecessary packaging material. The packaging of our aroma garden organic cosmetic products is recyclable. A matter of particular importance to us is checking our suppliers in terms of compliance with ecological standards. Buying organic cosmetics online offers many advantages. You can choose the products in a relaxed atmosphere and inform yourselves regarding the benefits.

The online shop is open for you 24 hours every day. And goods ordered are delivered to your home quickly and without complications.

aroma garden natural cosmetics online - Made in Germany.

We look forward to receiving your order. In our natural cosmetics online shop you will constantly find attractive offers, and we shall keep you informed of these via our newsletter, on our Facebook site or directly in our online shop. Our organic cosmetics shop offers genuine natural cosmetics, direct from the manufacturer.

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