Nature for nature

The unique characteristic of aroma garden is the power of essential oils in high concentrations. Company founder Florent Raimond has developed two cosmetics series to offer your skin the best that nature has to offer: the Divine and the Gold Series. Ever since ancient times, essential oils have been described as the soul of plants. We use these precious natural essences to give you and your skin a new life. Out of conviction, we use only the best quality in our cosmetic products to ensure your natural beauty.

“Nature for Nature” is the philosophy of the founder Florent Raimond. Everything began with a passion for essential oils. “Nature gives flowers everything they need to safeguard their beauty against the wind and the weather. It became clear to me that these precious oils give the flowers their magnificent appearance.”

Precisely these attributes are to be found in our products. The healing and regenerative effect of essential oils, as well as their charming scents, were at the centre of the research work of Florent Raimond and his development team from the very start.

He also uses precious raw materials such as hyaluronic acid, pure gold and the Vitamins E and C to strengthen the effectiveness of the essential oils. “I use only the best ingredients in my recipes, so as to create the optimum product. In my view, every woman is precious, just as she has been created, because she is uniquely beautiful.”

Die Kraft der ätherischen Öle

The Divine Serie

“Natural and effective”- the Divine facial care series stands out through a unique mixture of 15 essential oils.

The cell regeneration is activated and the skin’s equilibrium restored. Valuable nutrients such as immortelle oil, Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid provide moisture. These products give your skin a silky, vibrant complexion.

The Gold Serie

“Natural, effective and precious” – is the special feature of the Gold Series. This range of products was developed for demanding skin. The 24-carat gold micro-particles penetrate deep into the skin and activate the production of collagen. For centuries, gold has been known for its healing and antioxidant effect. It promotes the renewal of the skin cells, smoothens and harmonises. The unique formula of pure gold, myrrh oil and elemi oil produces an anti-aging effect and helps you look younger and radiant.
The heart beats in time with nature

Based on a love of people and nature, the aroma garden family champions sustainability. Our products feature purely natural and organic raw materials, and are free of microplastics, PEG, silicone and parabens. We dispense with artificial products and use purely natural preservatives, even if these make production more expensive.

We consider it our duty to protect and appreciate your skin and the environment. For this reason, our products are guaranteed 100% vegan, free from animal tests and cancer-causing substances. Even the packaging of our products satisfies our ethical principles.

This is our Commitment.