Active substances of essential oils

Active substances



Petals of the damask rose: astringent, antiseptic, regenerating, invigorate the skin, harmonising.
The herbal distillate from petals of the damask rose is an age-old beauty recipe: it prevents the development of wrinkles. Its invigorating effect gives the skin a radiant complexion.

Plant oils


Rich in nutrients and regenerating.
Jojoba oil has the ability to penetrate deep into the skin, without leaving a greasy film on the surface. This ensures the vitality and elasticity of the skin.


Tightens the skin and makes it supple, rich in nutrients and wound-healing, antioxidant and anti-ageing.
As it is rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants, argan oil gives the skin its elasticity and suppleness back. It protects the skin against environmental influences and successfully preserves the complexion from ageing processes.

Broccoli seed:

Nourishes the skin.
The oil from broccoli seed is an exceptionally nutritious substance for the skin, and gives it a silky gloss.
Vitamin C


Vitamin C:

Anti-ageing, antioxidant.
Vitamin C influences the skin in many ways: it stimulates the collagen synthesis, thus strengthening the skin’s conjunctive tissue. It prevents the development of wrinkles by activating the cell renewal of the epidermis. Vitamin C also protects the skin against damage from free radicals (air pollution, UV radiation…), and helps prevent and alleviate age marks and pigmented spots. The result is a radiant, clearer skin.

Vitamin C
Vitamin E:

Anti-ageing and 100% natural antioxidant, anti-inflammatory.
Vitamin E improves the micro-circulation of blood in the skin. It simultaneously helps maintain the elasticity of the skin and supplies it with moisture, as it strengthens the acid-resistant covering of the epidermis. The harmful effect on the skin caused by free radicals is stopped, and cell damage through UV radiation is reduced.
Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid supplies moisture deep into the skin and stimulates the cell activity. Small and larger wrinkles are bolstered up from the inside. The skin is tightened.
Medicinal clay

Green montmorillonite clay: absorbing effect, antioxidant, re-mineralising and invigorating, cleansing, healing.

This clay has exceptional qualities thanks to a strongly absorbing effect and a high content of minerals and trace elements. It cleanses the skin and cultivates the complexion. It detoxifies the skin, re-mineralises and strengthens it.

The undisputed therapeutic effect of gold in cosmetics has been known since ancient times. Gold is a highly reactive antioxidant and also promotes cell regeneration. As gold reflects light undiminished, an extraordinary gloss is immediately visible on the surface of the skin.

the essential oils

The power of essential oils is fascinating and in part still uncharted. For more than 1000 years there have been reports of many successful applications in the field of health, cosmetics and even psychology. Aroma Garden wishes to place the science of aromas at the centre of its activities, and to offer products that have curing and therapeutic attributes obtained from nature.

The essential oils have their own scent personality, their own character, their own energy. They contain scents stored in many parts of plants in the form of small oil droplets. These are extracted from the plants through various processes, in order to make them accessible to humans.

Through the oils, nature holds a large reservoir of resources that alleviate and heal many complaints, and indeed in a pleasant manner. The unique scent of the essential oils is a benefit in every application.

The secret of the healing powers of the essential oils lies in the integral view of people as a unit of body, mind and soul. It takes account of the fact that mental and psychic aspects play a leading role in acute and chronic illnesses.

Essential oils

Ylang Ylang
Ylang Ylang :

Cell-regenerating and antiseptic.
The Ylang Ylang oil strengthens the skin and regulates sebaceous secretion.

Petals of the damask rose: astringent, antiseptic, regenerating, invigorate the skin, harmonising.
The essential oil from petals of the damask rose prevents the development of wrinkles. Its invigorating effect gives the skin a radiant complexion.

Antitoxic, antiseptic, highly wound-healing when used externally.
Thanks to these proven attributes, lavender oil supports the regeneration of the skin.


Antioxidant, cleansing, discretely flowery scent.
Jasmine oil gives the skin back its vitality and has a positive effect on the ageing process of the skin. Thanks to its cleansing effect, this oil is particularly recommendable for dermatological problems.


Effective antibacterial agent, astringent and reviving.
Geranium oil from Egypt is particularly recommendable for the treatment of numerous skin problems such as acne, rosacea, eczemas, psoriasis and chapped skin.


Wound-healing, stimulates the circulation of the blood, astringent, radical against bruises.
Thanks to its diverse effects, the essential oil of the immortelle stimulates blood circulation and is very effective against reddening of the skin.


Infection-preventing agent, disinfectant, wound-healing.
The essential oil of myrrh is a powerful and absolutely necessary means for the treatment of damaged skin (wounds, chaps, sunburn, eczemas etc.).


Revitalising, regenerating, strong anti-wrinkle effect, invigorates the skin, wound-healing, stimulates the blood circulation.
The essential oil of the carrot creates a good appearance and contributes towards a radiant complexion.

Zistrose und Zeder
Cistus and cedar 

Invigorates the skin, wound-healing, astringent, antiseptic.
The essential oil from cistus and cedar fights sagging skin, and provides deeply penetrating care for more mature skin. It is also an effective mixture against acne and burst small blood vessels.


Astringent, antibacterial, activates the micro-circulation of the skin.
The vitalising and refreshing peppermint oil closes the pores of the skin, and again lights up a pale complexion. It also strengthens the blood vessels, reduces their enlargement and alleviates reddening.


Wound-healing, antiseptic, harmonising, balancing and energising.
In addition to its wound-healing effects, the essential oil of elemi helps combat stress and inner unease. By so doing, it contributes towards a feeling of well-being.


Astringent and cleansing.
The essential oil of bergamot cleanses the skin and regulates sebaceous secretion.