It all began on the kitchen table of founder Florent Raimond and his wife Maite Raimond.

For many years Florents wife suffered skin problems, such as rashes, reddening and recurrent inflammation. However all numerous efforts and visits to her dermatologist went in vain. Florent could no longer sit by and watch his wife’s suffering. “ It broke my heart to see her despair and so I decided to do something about it.”

No sooner said than done. Florent Raimond put all his essential oil bottles to use studying day and night on the kitchen table in his aroma therapy bible searching for the right component to help bring his wife’s suffering to an end.

aroma garden war und ist vor allem eine Geschichte

“You are uniquely beautiful ”

Maite in her own words “Ever since I have known Florent, essential oils and their wonderful healing powers have been his passion. His ‘Aroma Therapy Bible’, accompanies him everywhere we go. He caries his home medicine chest with him everywhere we go. If, for example, a cold is on its way, Florent always has a helpful and above all a natural remedy to hand ”.

„Whenever one of our children feel sick with earache or stomach problems, Florents unique mixtures of pressious oils came at hand and brought quick relief.

In our family life it was common to add natural remedies to treatments of the general practitioner as a complementary support. We always made the experience that it truely helped. „

So when Florent surprised his wife one evening in their bathroom with a creme based on his unique mixture of essential oils telling her „ I think this could work „ Deep down Maite know, this was her only hope.

Kinder in der Natur

Nature bestows us its heart

In just two weeks, Maite noticed how her skin was regenerating her reddening and inflammation were regressing. After four weeks, Maite was certain that Florent had created something big. “My complexion had fully recovered. All that remained were slight scars.” Maite considered having these lasered by her dermatologist who was also impressed by the astonishing improvement in her skin. However, Florent asked his wife not to act over hastily. He worked flat out in his kitchen-table laboratory on a curative oil as a complementing application, and developed Divine Repair.

The work was worthwhile. Divine Repair helped against her scars. When Maite visited her dermatologist three months later, that surgery was no longer necessary.

At this moment, Florent and Maite realised that he had not only developed a breakthrough cosmetic product for his family and friends, they both knew this was something bigger and so it didn't take long to come to the conclusion of taking it to the next level . Florent adds “ just through word of mouth I was hardly able to cope with all the orders from Paris, Brussels and Hamburg.” Maite, his wife therefore encouraged him to place aroma garden products on a professional footing.

This was the moment, aroma garden was born.

Florent contacted Mr Hasel, an experienced and recognised chemist in the cosmetics industry. He was very impressed by Florent’s ideas and recipes. Together, they developed the Divine and Gold care series. These were based 100% on Florent’s recipes. They then supplemented the products with natural preservatives in order to comply with all dermatological guidelines. This was the birth of the aroma garden cosmetics brand.

Florent in der Natur

The heart beats in time with nature

aroma garden is a family company that stands for highest quality, valuable natural ingredients and meticulous, sustainable manufacturing processes. A cosmetics brand developed from personal experience and conviction, based on a true story of love of people and nature.

The ingredients as well as the recyclable packaging are derived from the values and ethical principles of the founder Florent Raimond. “I am convinced that we can provide effective help in enabling people with the most varying skin problems to achieve vital, healthy and beautiful skin. In my view, every person is precious and uniquely beautiful, just as they have been made.”